Welcome to the Pacific Hackers Conference project. With almost a decade involved 
in infosec/hacking community events, I am pleased to bring a grassroots event with
all the ingredients of the the best and biggest hacking conferences to Silicon Valley.

An effort that started over a year ago in Santa Clara with a dozen curious minds that now count over 400 members in our local meetup. I am absolutely sure that we can bring together the best, brightest and those who yet have to join the infosec/hacking community by putting an event where all can learn, share and collaborate through multiple ways.

As I have done before, I aim to make this event affordable, entertaining and most of all welcoming to all those who want to better their life and this world by joining the infosec/hacking community. Please feel free to drop me a line with suggestions or ideas you may have that we could bring to the community through this event. 

Hope to see you at the event, let's make Pacific Hackers Conference a warm and friendly place where old, new and aspiring hackers and infosec professionals can meet up. 

Rod Soto