NOQRTRCTF - Saturday November 10th - 11am - 6pm PST

A hacking competition based on real life scenarios including state sponsor, APT tools, where players are faced with realistic scenarios and with the possibility of performing real target exploitation. BUY TICKETS

Lock picking Village - Saturday November 10th - 11am - 6pm PST

Come join and learn the art of picking locks and physical security.



* Make an LED lights controller with an Arduino
This workshop will show you how to build a low-cost light controller using an Arduino controller to animate an LED addressable light strip which will hang on a laser cut acrylic Christmas tree or other holiday decoration (available upon request).  No muss, no fuss, no watering your tree, and the LED animations are created by you! You'll be amazed how easy it is to have the best holiday lights!  And the best part? No coding experience is necessary!
What you will learn to do:
1.Wire a breadboard to connect your lights to the controller
2.Use a browser interface to build some simple buttons that control the lights with bluetooth
3.Optional Hack: If you would like to build a simple app to put on your android phone (bring your own phone), we will show you how to use App Inventor and the Xlights program to do some fancy stuff to let you run the lights from your phone.

* Building your own Portable, Motion-Activated Spy Security Camera with Raspberry Pi Zero
Danielle Major – Pi Enthusiast

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to build a portable, motion-activated security camera with the Raspberry Pi Zero.  We will start by installing from a n00bs micro sd card using an hdmi connection.  Participants will then learn different methods to connect to the pi via SSH, VNC and a headless install. Participants will setup the camera to be motion activated, and configured for live streaming as well as to email pictures to an email address or upload to a web location.
Prerequisites:  A DIY or hacker’s mindset! No previous experience needed.
Materials: We will provide a list of suggested parts and an Amazon Shopping list.  It is recommended to get the small monitor to make it easy to connect to your pi via hdmi during the workshop.  We will have a few micro sd cards available with a build of n00bs and/or Raspian but you should bring your own to be sure.