ROOM 1 - Saturday November 10th    BUY TICKETS

11:00-12:00 PM   Keynote        Eric Bloch  

12:00-01:00 PM   Aditya Gupta   "Breaking IoT Security:Pentesting IoT devices"

01:00-02:00 PM   Victor Fang "BAPT - How to PWN Smart contracts" 

02:00-03:00 PM   Dan Crowley "Extending Archive-Based Path Traversal Attacks" 

03:00-04:00 PM   Networking Social Hour Expresso bar sponsored by the National Security Institute 

04:00-05:00 PM   Keynote Anne Marrie Zettlemoyer 

05:00-06:00 PM   Lan Jenson "Cybersecurity for SmartCities"

06:00-07:00 PM   Will Lin "VC's perspective on security startups" 

07:00-08:00 PM   Chloé Messdaghi "Ways on how to fix the diversity gap in cybersecurity" 

ROOM 2 - Saturday November 10th BUY TICKETS 

12:00-01:00 PM   Tim O'Brien "Evolving security operations to the year 2020" 

01:00-02:00 PM   Josh Watson "Vulnerability Modeling with Binary Ninja" 

02:00-03:00 PM   Christian Nicholson "Operationalizing T.I via Automation" 

03:00-04:00 PM   Ted Corbeill "Left of Boom" 

04:00-05:00 PM   Keynote Room 1 

05:00-06:00 PM   Abhinav Singh "Endpoint Vs Cloud: Evaluating cyber threats in two parallel worlds"

06:00-08:00 PM   OS Query training workshop - Milan Shah